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We would like to suggest three example routes that are particularly popular among our guests.

Our Highlight-Tour: 'Round the Ring'
Starting close to the “Remise” (the so called Vienesse Tramway Museum) at the Station “Baumgasse” of Tram-Line 18 we run along the Schlachthausgasse up to the Landstraßer Gürtel. Turning right we reach the Loop at the former South station. After that we cross the “Belt” and dive into Prinz Eugen street. On the right, you will find the upper and lower Belvedere and gardens.
On the left, you’ll find magnificent “Gründerzeit” villas which today are mainly used as embassies. Schwarzenberg Square with Vienna’s first high jet fountain lies at the bottom of the hill. For a couple of years now, the magnificent surrounding buildings and the statue of Count Schwarzenberg, in the centre of the square, have been beautifully lit up to remind visitors of Vienna’s glorious past.
We then reach the famous Ring road into which we turn left. Then, we come to the opera and roll on past to the Burggarten (court garden) and cross the incomplete ensemble of the art gallery as well as the Natural History museum and the Hofburg Palace with the Heldentor (Heroes Gate).
We pass the parliament and reach the town hall and Burg theatre which lie opposite one another. Once we have passed Café Landtmann, one of the classic Ring Road cafes, we reach the Schottentor gate with the university as well as the Votiv church that is set a little back. In no time at all, we come to the stock exchange and can take a look at the magnificent Rossauer barracks building to our left between the houses.
We take a sharp right turn from the Ring as it turns into the Kai. The Danube Canal lies to our left. The journey reaches the popular Sweden Square and we once again join the RIng road after the Aspern bridge. The former war ministry is situated opposite Otto Wagner’s famous Postbank building. From the Stubentor gate onwards, we can enjoy the wonderful contrast of the magnificent architecture on the right and the wonderful city park on the left. All too soon, we reach Schwarzenberg Square once again from where we can ride now along the Rennweg, passing the Lower Belvedere. Very fast we reach the St. Marx Loop and via the Schlachthausgasse we are back at the Station “Schlachthausgasse U” near the Tramway Museum.

Highlights of this Journey:
– Schloss Belvedere
– Prinz Eugen-Street
– Schwarzenbergplace
– The complete (!) Ringstreet as well as the Franz-Josefs-Kai

Journey time: 72 minutes
additional arrival and departure time: None (!)

Unser Tipp:
You reach the “Remise” with the underground line U3 or directly from the central station (“Hauptbahnhof”) by tram line No. 18 (Station “Schlachthausgasse”, then follow the signs).

Please remember: This is only a suggestion! We can arrange your trip completely individual.

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From the Opera House to the Heuriger Wine Tavern in Grinzing
The ride is one of our most popular classics. You board the historic tram close to the opera house at the station “Schwarzenbergplatz”. The route follows the grandest section of the Ring road: passing the Burggarten (court garden), the the area around the castle with its art gallery, Natural History museum, Heldentor (Heroes Gate) and the Hofburg Palace, we reach the parliament. You are then faced with the difficult decision of whether to stare in amazement at the town hall on the left or the Burg theatre on the right. In contrast, the decision is easy at Schottentor: on the left you can find the university and, behind a small park, the wonderful Votiv church. After a short ride, we reach the stock exchange where we leave the Ring. Passing the defiant Rossauer barracks, we reach the Porzellangasse – surely one of the most beautiful streets in Vienna. We pass along this until we reach the Franz-Josef station, which lies hidden among tall business buildings. Passing through quiet side streets, we reach the “new” economics university at Spittelau. From here, we follow a route that has not been in service for years, going under the arches of Otto Wagner’s light-rail system – now the U6 – for a while along the busy Belt. After a few nooks and crannies, we once again go under the light-rail system on Billroth street in Vienna’s 19th district, Döbling. The route goes up hill and we follow the route of the famous 38 tram to the renowned Heuriger wine tavern spot of “Grinzing”. In the sweeping curve before the end stop, you have an amazing view of the small old houses. We say goodbye to each other in the stylish ambiance of the beautifully restored old tram terminus.

Highlights of this Journey:
– Oper, Natur- and Kunsthistorisches Museum, Heldentor
– Parlament, Rathaus, Burgtheater, Börse
– The Ringstraße (partly)
– Rossauer Kaserne, Porzellangasse
– Gürtelstadtbahn
– Grinzing

Journey time: 40 minutes
Including additional arrival and departure time: 95 minutes

Please remember: This is only a suggestion! We can arrange your trip completely individual.

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From Palace Schoenbrunn to the Swiss House at the Prater Fun Fair
We will pick you up from opposite the main entrance to the Schoenbrunn Palace with our old-timer tram. We come to Vienna’s technical museum at the next crossroads where we drive along the middle of a beautiful avenue. Now we come to upper Mariahilfer street, the lower part of which is one of the most important shopping streets in Vienna. At the busy West station, we join the “Belt” for a short time and then leave it at Urban-Loritz Square with its unique roof. Our route takes us through the 7th district, past the beautifully restored houses in the historic Spittelberg quarter. In no time we reach the National Theatre (left) and the Museum quarter (right) and passing the Natural History museum, we reach the Ring road at the “Bellaria”.
We turn left on the Ring road and can cast quick glance at the parliament building. Along the public gardens we come to the Heldentor (Heroes Gate) and the Hofburg Palace lying behind it. Passing the Burggarten (court garden), we stop in front of the famous state opera. Next to this is the beginning of Kaerntner Street – the main street in the inner city. Time for a quick look at the “Sirk-Eck” as well as a little further behind at St Stephan’s Cathedral and then we continue on our journey to Schwarzenberg Square. On the right hand side, you’ll find the Count Schwarzenberg statue and, a little further back, the Hochstrahlbrunnen fountain that is lit up at night.
Further along the Ring, we pass the city park, Otto Wagner’s Postbank building, the War ministry and finally reach the Danube Canal. Just before this, we turn right and pass the Urania. It is worth taking a look right at the Vienna river with it’s double-bridge construction: the underground travels under it from tunnel to tunnel over the river and the Zollamt bridge arches over it.
We reach Radetzky street via a small pedestrian zone and on the left, shortly after Radetzky Square, you’ll find the famous house of the architect “Hundertwasser” with its round shapes and colours. A sharp left bend takes us across the Danube Canal. It is worth looking at the rear bank and its grand houses.
Suddenly we are surrounded by woods and meadows – the Prater! You feel like you are far away from the city in this huge recreational area. We soon reach the Prater main avenue, our end stop from where you can easily reach the Swiss House on foot in about 10 minutes. A crispy pork knuckle and a cool beer are a great way to end an evening city tour!

Highlights of this Journey:
– Schloss Schönbrunn
– Spittelberg
– Parlament, Burggarten, Heldentor
– Natur- and Kunsthistorisches Museum, Oper
– Schwarzenbergplatz, Stadtpark, Johann-Strauß-Denkmal
– The Ringstraße (partly)
– Postsparkasse and Urania
– Hundertwasserhaus
– Prater

Journey time: 48 minutes
Including additional arrival and departure time: 84 minutes

Please remember: This is only a suggestion! We can arrange your trip completely individual.

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