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Enjoy the Vienesse hospitality:

Restaurant Schwabl Wirt – just opposite of our Tram Depot

Gasthaus Schwabl Wirt

Directly across from our depot in the 3rd district of Vienna is the Restaurant an Inn “Schwabl Wirt”. Far beyond the city limits “the Schwabl” is very well known for its excellent Viennese cuisine in a classic setting. And in summer you can sit in the beer garden outside the house.
Whether before or after a tour with the vintage Trams from Rent a Bim – visit to the Schwabl is a perfect part of a phantastic day in this city!
Phone: +43 – 1 – 713 52 29

Restaurant & Catering:

Amon’s Gastwirtschaft

Amon’s Gastwirtschaft Amon’s Gastwirtschaft

… is a Restaurant since 1903 and suitable both for a visit directly after the ride with the oldtimer tram as well as for the catering on the trip.
Phone: +43 – 1 – 798 81 66


Heidi´s Exquisit Catering

… Catering is also available in our old-timer Bims during the ride. You can enjoy the ride to a Heuriger evening, for example, with your own Heuriger in the tram!
Phone: +43 – 1 – 804 87 77

Flower Arrangements:

Blumen Mikaric

… Your specialist in flower decorations of any kind can decorate your Bim at your discretion, inside and outside – to fit any event!
Telefon: +43 – 1 – 718 68 34


All Information around your trip to Vienna


… will you find on the official tourism site of the city of Vienna: For sightseeing, shopping, nightlife, and accomodation is this the right starting point.
Phone: +43 – 1 – 24 555

Tourist Guides:

“Vienna Walks & Talks”

Vienna Walks & Talks

… State-certified tour guides and specialists for themed city walks and tours – in the old timers, of course.
Phone: +43 – 1 – 774 89 01

Tourist Guides:

“Wien Original”

Wien Original

… ist Ingrid Andrea Bargus, staatlich geprüfte Fremdenführerin in Wien. Wenn Sie sich nicht nur für die Wiener Geschichte interessieren, sondern auch jede Menge Original Wiener G’schichtn hören wollen, sind Sie bei ihr richtig.
Phone: +43 – 664 – 456 12 48

Heuriger Winery:

“10er Marie” in Ottakring

Heuriger 10er-Marie

… the oldest Heuriger wine tavern in Vienna – housed in Alt-Ottakring since 1740. Rent a Bim will bring you straight to the door!
Phone: +43 – 1 – 489 46 47

Heuriger Winery:

“Schübel-Auer” in Nußdorf

Heuriger Schübel-Auer

… directly at the tram terminus Nußdorf Scharnigarten with a secluded and cozy tap room.
Phone: +43 – 1 – 370 22 22

The Vienna Werklmann:

Norbert Schermann with his barrel organ

Wiener Werkelmann

… plays from operetta to children’s song, from the Viennese waltz to swing on original instruments from the period around 1900 – also in the classic cars Rent a Bim!
Phone: +43 – 664 – 994 11 23

Railway Museum:

Railway Museum Schwechat

Eisenbahnmuseum Schwechat

… with the historic “Preßburgerbahn” passenger wagons for commuter and diesel trains.
In addition, you’ll find the narrow-gauge association’s collection of industrial and plant trains on 600 mm tracks.
Phone: +43 – 1 – 36 81 51 03

Omnibus Museum:

Austrian Omnibus Museum

Österreichisches Omnibusmuseum
… where you can rent a historic omnibus. “Head for the Past” is a flexible addition to Rent a Bim’s selection of historic tram tours.
Phone: +43 – 664 – 326 59 64

Ice Cream:

Italian ice parlour at Schwedenplatz

Italienischer Eissalon am Schwedenplatz

… This is without any doubt one of the best ice cream parlours in Vienna. And we pass right by on the Round Ring tour.
Phone: +43 – 1 – 53 31 996

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