Prices for Renting Vintage Trams in Vienna

The price depends on the operating time of the tram and is always calculated in tenths of an hour from the starting point to the Erdberg depot.

Year 2022 – Price per Hour (inkl. 10% VAT)

Our “Oldtimer”, built 1913 until 1929

Single Motor tram
Single Motor tram

24 seats
303.60 EUR per hour

Two-wagon tram
Two-wagon tram

48 seats
455.40 EUR per hour

Three-wagon tram
Three-wagon tram

72 seats
607.20 EUR per hour

Sepcial Car: T1 408

T1 408

24 seats
Price on request

Our “Youngtimer” from the 1960s

Single Motor tram (class “L”)
Single Motor tram (class “L”)

16 seats
248.60 EUR per hour

Articulated railcar (class “F”)
Articulated railcar (class “F”)

36 seats
379.50 EUR per hour

Two-wagon tram (class L+l3)

41 seats
400.40 EUR per hour

Articulated railcar with trailer (class F+l3)

61 seats
531.30 EUR per hour

Due to heavy traffic, special journeys are only possible from 8.30 and 14.30 and from 17.00 till close of business on week days. On Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, all day is possible.

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We will design your route and schedule according to your wishes and in line with what is operationally possible.
We have put together a few examples for you of particularly beautiful and interesting routes as well as information on available tram cars.

We can put you in touch with a contact partner who can provide information on additional services such as catering, flower decoration, music or foreign-language tour guides.

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