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The Association of Railway Friends
Team Tram “Rent a Bim”

Hidden behind this modern title, you’ll find one of Vienna’s most beautiful and nostalgic experiences – a journey with a perfectly restored tram from yesteryear.

You will probably have seen one of these old-timer trams on its way round Vienna and asked yourself whether you could take such an old tram to the Prater or to a romantic Heuriger wine tavern.

“Rent a Bim” offers everyone the chance to ride through Vienna – on a vintage tram just for you – at an attractive price. You’ll easily find an reason: whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, a company outing or simply out of love for the old trams. You, your friends or guests can enjoy the unique flair of modern Vienna from the moving ambiance of 1930s transportation.

We can meet almost all of your personal wishes. And, you can choose from one of the largest tram networks in the world to plan your route. There are over 1000 tram stops to choose from as your start or end stop.

These nostalgic tramway trips are made possible by the staff at “Rent a Bim”. Countless unpaid hours were lovingly spent on the detailed restoration of historic trams that had spent decades in service back to their original condition. They have, thus, kept alive a piece of Vienna’s transport history.

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